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Gypsum as calcium source for peat loving plants

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I read somewhere that gypsum is a possible source of calcium and sulfur. Especially for plants loving more acidic soils.
Some orchids and carnivorous plants seem to have sometimes problems.
It did not happen yet to mine but nobody knows.

Is there something to it?
'Would it affect the PH too much, or is it more neutral as I was told.

Some others say that it is negligible.

I use gypsum as part of a COF Complete Organic  Fertilizer on my community garden beds.

It's has sulfur which is important for plant growth.

When sulfur gets free calcium should be then available to plants. Every plant needs calcium and this is in ordinary soil not too sparse, but in peat very rare.
Or is my understanding of this matter too patchy.

Gypsum provides two of the secondary plant macronutrients, calcium and sulphur. Unlike limestone, it generally does not affect soil pH.

My understanding is Calcium is added to acid soils purely to raise the pH and help nutrient takeup. Which I have no idea. As I grow on chalk not a problem I come across too often outside pots.


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