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Separating rockery soil from native soil


Henrik S:
Hi all!

I wonder if it is necessary to prevent (by using a geotextile) the surrounding native soil from mixing (by the work of earthworms) into the rockery soil? I have attached a sketch of the planting bed in cross section. Should I put a geotextile at the back against the native soil and perhaps also at the bottom to separate the rocks (put there for drainage) at the bottom from the sand/soil above. Since I am considering to grow in pure sand maybe it would be a good idea to skip the rocks at the bottom so that the plant roots eventually can reach the native soil for nutrients? I also have seen that some alpine growers put a layer of peat at the bottom so that the plants can have access to water when needed. Opinions on that?
Any help is much appreciated!

Best/ Henrik

Vinny 123:
Soluble components in the soil are at least as important as anything else, not least calcium salts.


What mineral are the rocks?


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