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I have just ordered a Cypripedium calceolus I haven't grown them for successfully in the past and was wondering what mix to use as I'm growing them in a pot
Many thanks

Hi there. You need a very open, free draining mix - about 80% or so of pumice, Seramis or perlite and at most 20% light organic matter such as leaf mould or fine bark chippings. They are greedy feeders when starting in growth so need regular liquid feed up till flowering, afterwards not so much. If you can it's probably a good idea to plunge the pot in the ground in a cool shady place as Cyps hate their root systems overheating. Protect from slugs and watch out for strong wind which can snap the stems. Good luck!

Thank you for the reply and information. I have some perlite and will now get some seramis and some fine bark. What feed would you use for them

A balanced liquid feed - something like Miracle-gro is good. A little bit of solid food like Osmocote in the early spring is also a good idea. There is some good advice at the Frosch cypripedium website.

Brilliant thank you


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