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New Feature for SRGC Forum - automatic photo resizing


Maggi Young:
The Scottish Rock Garden Club Web Team is pleased to announce that a feature to allow automatic resizing of photographs loaded to the SRGC Forum has been added. This will remove the need for forumists to resize photos before posting.

We hope this will encourage posting from those who found resizing difficult or time-consuming.

Many thanks to Fred C. our wonderful Forum Admin for this facility.

 Find the tool here :

Maggi Young:

--- Quote ---Quote from: Maggi Young on February 15, 2016, 11:31:25 AM

    No idea - it may be an error caused by an update.  Please ignore  and use 200kb limit per pic.

     EDIT:   Yes,   it was an  error - please note and stick to the 200KB per pic limit.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Quote from fermi:  That's a pity :( The size had been increased to 300KB a while ago and now is back to 200KB I see! More time needed to re-size properly!
--- End quote ---

I'm sorry you feel  badly about this, fermi - the "increase" to 300  was also a mistake - something that slipped in with an update -  but we really must keep the size  down to prevent the forum  files from being  too huge .
Reducing the size of  pictures with ACDSee which is what I use is very simple  and , of course,  there is the  resizing tool provided for the Forum which those who use tell me is also good.

 I must also say, to those who think only a larger picture is "any use" (!!)   that  even a photo of 640 pixels wide  and under 100KB can look very good on screen - and there is always the capacity to enlarge a photo on screen if desired.  Take for example some  shots by Steve Garvie - they are often around  760 x 488 and a file  size of 76.5KB   - and they are quite superb!

 example photo from Steve Garvie :
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