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re-sizing photos for a MAC computer 2015

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I have just been reading all the advice available on this site but I am sorry to say that none of it is of any help to myself.
I used to post quite a lot of pics.but since I replaced my computer with a mac twelve months ago I have been unable to re size my photos to the required size in an efficient manner.Is there anyone out there who has had the same problem and has managed to solve it ?
Any advice would be much appreciated.

HI John, I suggest registering an account with flickr. Once you've uploaded your images there you can download them at whatever size you like, or just share them as links to file on flickr. It's a pretty user-friendly interface. I use it and find it useful.

John  - I have a Mac and no problem to re-size photos for the Forum. This looks daunting but once you do the first pic it's a breeze after that.

Here we go:

1. Find the jpg file you wish to re-size in Finder.

2. Drag that file down to the iPhoto icon at the bottom of your screen and the file will load under a new event and appear  before you when you click on iPhoto.

3. Highlight that photo you wish to re-size.  If multiple photos hold down the command button and click the other photos.  All you wish to re-size should now have a yellow border. Photo 1.

4. Now click FILE to the right of the iPhoto icon at the top left of the page and then click EXPORT.   A dialog box will appear.  Picture 2.

5. In that dialog box:

under KIND choose JPG

under QUALITY choose MEDIUM

under  SIZE choose MEDIUM

under FILE NAME choose TITLE  - that way if you have your picture named correctly that will be the name of the file shown later on the FORUM thus aiding the search function.

6.  At this point click EXPORT at the bottom right

7. At the top of the new dialog box will say SAVE AS: followed by the correct file name.  Beneath that in Picture 3 choose the destination you want the re-sized file to go -I always choose PICTURES and then all subsequent export will default to PICTURES (a thought why not create a folder called forum and sort by date ti find your most recent import?) and no need for STEP 5 again until you close iPhoto.

8. Click ok at the bottom of that box. Your photo can now be found in FINDER under your PICTURE folder at a postable size and as the last jpg added.

Now  let us know if you have problems getting the pix onto the Forum. 

Simply click ATTACHMENTS photo 4 and find the relevant pic in FINDER. For more attachments click MORE ATTACHMENTS. Picture 4


Maggi Young:
Many thanks, John - I know many forumists use Macs and they have mentioned their  "moves" before  but it's spread through the forum - great to have this super "lesson" here - thank you!  :-*

Now John here is another easier way.  Drag your photo to iPhoto as mentioned before, making certain it is correctly named.

Once iPhoto opens the picture in a separate Event highlight the photo and click email at the bottom of the screen - photo 1.  Choose medium size in the dialog box. Pic 2 and it shows you the actual new size.

When the email opens put your cursor over the photo, press the control button, click save attachment and save the re-sized picture to the folder of your choice.  Pic 3. Post that pic on the Forum.



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