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Maggi Young:
The forum shows two methods of making a search  of its contents.
We recommend that the one shown as the orange Search  button in the screen grab below is the preferred method. A search can be made via the Search button  under the "Simple Machines Forum" tile at the top right hand side of the page, but this is somewhat unreliable.

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The Search icon from the main menu on each page is a better option!

A further note on the Search function:
When posting photos it is important to put the photo title/name of the plant in the text of the post so that the search facility can locate it.

Remember to consider if you need to put quotes round any search words. By that I mean if you search on

Crocus vernus

You will find posts with the words crocus or vernus in them


"Crocus vernus" will only find posts with the phrase  Crocus vernus


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