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Do Rhododendrons re grow from brown wood? IE. If I cut back ours to a foot from the ground where there are leafless stems will they regrow from those stems?

In principle, yes.  However in my limited experience some are less eager than others. 
Therefore for a valuable plant it's worth taking a cautious approach, by pruning part of the plant to test response before completing the job next season or thereafter.

Too late I have cut the Cunnungham's White to the roots. In 60 years of gardening I have never seen as many insects on one plant before. Scale insects off the scale.

ian mcdonald:
R. ponticum takes some killing as witnessed on Nature Reserves where it has become invasive. I can,t speak for others. It re-grows after being cut down to ground level.


--- Quote from: Palustris on May 10, 2022, 02:14:33 PM ---Too late ...
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 :o  ;D  This might still be worth taking a look at.


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