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Hope someone recognises this.

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Some many years ago I air layered this rhodo from a plant my father had established at a cottage out in the country near Burnley.
We did not know what it was then and still dont.
Can anyone give me a clue?
It flowers consistently around now at a height of 3feet and gets very little feeding or pruning.

Maggi Young:
Rhododendron 'Cunningham's  White' I think.

Cheers Maggi - that looks spot on.
Now, where are the indelible labels??

Brilliant. We have one flower on the one we found here when we moved in. Wondered what it is. Indeed where are the indelible labels?

I think it would be wise to use 'mucky thumb' labels - where a white plastic label is engraved using a Dremel or similar.
They can only be read when rubbed over with a 'mucky thumb'.  ;D ;D ;D


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