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Rocks in troughs. (Blog entry)

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A humorous recent entry "Rocks in troughs" in my garden blog . Pics not great because it was blowing a hoolie (Storm Diana) and lashing rain so I had to take them from under a wildly swinging umbrella.

Maggi Young:
What a  selection! Goes to show that as much fun and interest  can be had from the rocks as the plants - what a great hobby we have!

Maggi Young:
Kevind showed some  great troughs  in the  blog  mentioned - and he's  recently  posted  elsewhere more  photos  of  his  many  troughs- illustrating  how  much better  a  trough can look with higher, stronger  landscape  features using  rocks.(In contrast  to the  flat  earth versions  that  tend  to  be  shown by the  TV experts!)

 I'll post  some  of  Kevin's trough photos here, trying  not  to duplicate  too many, though even then they may  be  photographed at a  different  time  of  year .

 Killaloe Slate

Ballyhoura Mudstone, Red Sandstone conglomerate & Volcanic rock.

Ballyhoura Mudstone, Red Sandstone conglomerate & Volcanic rock.

Namurian Mudstone from Kerry.

more  to follow!

Maggi Young:

Volcanic rock formed from Silica that shoots straight up into the sky from a volcano.

Limestone & Bog Deal.




Impressive rock work (and impressive troughs!).

My trough is an old laboratory sink. Very indestructible! I have only two small visible rocks though but a pine root to achieve hight. It is planted with Soldanella and Shortia species.


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