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This is the Darlingtonia house I erected earlier this year. The intention was to house all my Darlingtonia californica which it did for a month or two. Now I've overflowed back to my other greenhouses taking up almost as much room as originally. It's a wonderful hobby this plant thingy.  ;D

Superb, Fred so envious I have just three small plants in a planter outside.  I really must collect more.

I too have found them very prolific under glass, frost free in my case, but have you tried them outside in the UK? How do they do then? I have seen them on the US west coast where they must get frost but not sure how the average UK winter will treat them. I grow them in spagnum moss with or without perlite, depending on my moss stocks.

I had them down to -18C (0F) in the winter of 2010-11 Brian. I never heat the greenhouses.

Peter Maguire:
Just the odd couple of Darlingtonia then Fred?  ;D

Are the trays of moss on a substrate such as perlite, or is the moss just sitting in rainwater?


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