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David Shaw:
This has just popped up on the BBC; Jamie Taggart has not been seen since 2nd November on a botanising trip to Vietnam.

Maggi Young:
This is very shocking news that we just got here.  The BBC report seems the same as an STV one from slightly earlier this evening  http://news.stv.tv/west-central/252376-jamie-taggart-missing-on-plant-hunting-trip-in-vietnam/

Jamie Taggart, of the Linn Botanic Garden and Nursery, near Helensburgh on the West Coast of Scotland, a very enthusiastic plantsman and particularly interested in Rhododendrons, is a popular  SRGC member who was due to talk to the Friends of the Cruickshank Botanic Garden in Aberdeen this week. It is reported that Jamie has gone missing  some weeks ago on a plant expedition to Vietnam.

How awful  this must be  for his family. We can only hope for a safe outcome for  this sad tale.

David Nicholson:
Terrible news. I've never met Jamie but have been in regular contact with him as an advertiser.

It doesn't sound good but there is always hope.  I remember meeting him years ago at the the Glasgow show at Milngavie.  We went round to Linn gardens a week later and I bought a Cinnabarinum Rhod. from him.  It was a layered cutting which I hope will finally flower this year.

Richard Green:
Here is a link to the local Argyll news site which gives a little bit more background than the BBC or the national papers:

Jamie was often at the Glasgow Show, and we can only hope that the well-organised searches currently under way produce results.


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