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Maggi Young:
I commend to you the blog of the young American plantsman, Kenton J. Seth.
He calls it  " I need a cup of tea  "  :)
Kenton is deeply interested in native plants but also in plant hunting around the world.
See his musings here :

Maggi Young:
We are delighted that Kenton Seth will be the speaker at the SRGC Summer Meeting in Dunblane this year - see the events/show dates pages  for more details - such as here

 Full summer event details HERE

Maggi Young:
Various blogs from Kenton on his trip :

Blog from Kenton J. Seth  about his visit to Aberdeen....

 More from Kenton about his Scottish and UK  Trip ....

Maggi Young:
Just a wee reminder that the excellent  writing and comments of Kenton J. Seth  continue  in his Blog .... don't  miss  it!

 The book on Crevice Garden making by Kenton and Paul Spriggs will be  arriving  soon I hope - maybe next  year - but  SOOOO worth the  wait!!

Does anybody else find that plants quite often die in dry weather when planted in crevice type situations? Those slabs mean that the roots can have quite a way to get down to find water.

How do others deal with this? I mean we have an average rainfall of about 1500mm, so god knows what it's like in a dry climate!


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