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Title: Bulb Log 2 in 2010
Post by: Onion on January 16, 2010, 04:01:00 PM
Hello Ian,

saw this incredible 7 cm pot of the Narcissus 'Craigton Clumper' I have ask myself the following question.

1, Is this pot in the house in the sand plunge with the floor heating?

I have a unheated glasshouse, and my problem are the wintergrowing bulbs showing their leaves in November/December.
I lost most of them in the last years, because I can not water them at the right time, because of the frozen ground. Last year I start watering a month later than the last years (mid October). Is it better to grow these type of bulbs in a heated house? In this winter we had have minus 12 degree.
Title: Re: Bulb Log 2 in 2010
Post by: Ian Y on January 16, 2010, 04:18:34 PM

Yes the pot of Narcissus 'Craigton Clumper'  that I show has a soil warming cable under the sand. The air temperature goes down to -12C most winters and the compost in the pots does freeze to some extent but most years the Narcissus are fine.

I will not make any presumptions to the condition of the bulbs after the recent long period of freezing conditions but will keep you fully informed through the bulb log.

It is normal in cultivation for these Narcissus to produce their leaves in November/December or even earlier depending on the temperature after they have been watered.
Some years ago we always had colder autumn weather and these Narcissus never flowered for us until February. Now we have mild autumn conditions they flower much earlier.
I think it is a mistake not to water them by October at the latest as they will be wanting to form roots by then. But if your ground is frozen watering is not possible.
If mine have not been damaged by the frost I could send you a few bulbs next summer to try if you want.
Title: Re: Bulb Log 2 in 2010
Post by: Onion on January 16, 2010, 07:54:10 PM
Thank you Ian for the information and your generosity.
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