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These articles and features are the work of SRGC members. Contributions to these pages are very welcome. For details of how to submit an article for consideration please email us

Special Features (most recent at the top)

Snowdrop Conference 2011 - by Sandy Leven.

Snowdrop Conference 2009 - by Sandy Leven.

July 2007 - by Sandy Leven.

June 2007 - by Sandy Leven.

February 2007 - by Sandy Leven.

January 2007 - by Sandy Leven.

December 2006 - by Sandy Leven.

November 2006 - by Sandy Leven.

Pitlochry Discussion Weekend 2007 practical demonstrations - by Sandy Leven.

September / October 2006 - by Sandy Leven.

July / August 2006 - by Sandy Leven.

May / June 2006 - by Sandy Leven.

April 2006 - by Sandy Leven.

March 2006 - by Sandy Leven.

February 2006 - by Sandy Leven.

New Years Day 2006 - by Sandy Leven.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden - A walk in Brooklyn Botanic Garden with Sandy Leven.

New York Botanic Garden - A walk in the New York Botanic Garden with Sandy Leven.

Scottish Plant Collectors Garden - A walk in the Scottish Plant Collectors Garden Pitlochry with Sandy Leven.

Another Gold For The SRGC - The Story of the SRGC Gold Medal Win by Sandy Leven.

BEDRUTHAN STEPS - A visit to the BEDRUTHAN STEPS in Cornwall. An article by Sandy Leven.

Mont Cenis - Mont Cenis. An article by Sandy Leven.

Primula deuteronana - Primula deuteronana. A short article by Fred Carrie.

Early Crocuses - Early Crocuses Article by Sandy Leven.

Levenhagen Cemetery- A visit to Levenhagen Cemetery. Article by Sandy Leven.

Utrecht Botanic Garden- A visit to Utrecht Botanic Garden. Article by Sandy Leven.

People At The 2002 Discussion Weekend- Photos from SRGC 2002 Weekend. Article by Sandy Leven.

Back To Troughs!- Back To Troughs Demonstration Day June 2002

A Winter Trough- Sandy Leven

Fish Box Troughs A comprehensive, illustrated article by Ian Young

Pleione Hardiness- Glassford Sprunt's experience with Pleiones

Selecting Tecophilea- Ian Young

The SRGC Gold Medal Exhibit - The award winning exhibit at Gardening Scotland 2000

Some Narccssus Triandrus Hybrids - Ian Young

Gentian Breeding at Tynebank - Ian McNaughton

How to make a trough for alpines out of a polystyrene fish box. (basic article) Chris Jones

Beginner's Alpines - Ian Christie : Tips and suggestions on plants suitable for beginners.

Some interesting plants with cultivation tips. - Cyril Lafong : An interesting and informative feature by a very successful grower.

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