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24th Dec 2003

Last week was the only week in 2003 that the log (51) did not appear on your screens, you will now find it on the site. The reason for this delay was that Fred Carrie our site Administrator had to have an operation on his eyes. Fred is our technical wizard and the hidden link in the chain between your log writer and your screen. I prepare all the photographs and write the text each week, I then flick it through to Fred who posts it onto the site for you to read, thank you Fred for all your work.

Frit house

There is not much work required in the Frit house at the moment, other than checking on moisture levels, but I can see the gravel rising up on many of the pots. This is a sign that they are in growth and the shoots will not be far below the surface ready to appear soon.

Bulb house

Mean while in the bulb house the Narcissus are looking wonderful on this the shortest day of the year.

N. romieuxii mesatlanticus

Some of the pots of N. romieuxii mesatlanticus are just crammed full of flowers.

Pollinating narcissus

It is worth remembering that there are not many insects around at the moment to pollinate your flowers so to ensure a good seed set you have to get the paint brush out and get that pollen onto the stigma. I am often asked about books on bulbs and which are the best ones to have - the two most referred to bulb books in our collection are without any doubt 'Bulbs' by Roger Phillips & Martin Rix and 'The Smaller Bulbs' by Brian Mathew.

General bulb books

These are our first port of reference when we come across a new name or want some information on a bulb - they are invaluable for both the beginner and the expert. 'Bulbs' is beautifully illustrated and shows most of the bulbs that you will come across while 'The Smaller Bulbs' is full of useful, informative text and descriptions - the two books work very well together.

Crocus & Narcissus

The next two books you should have look in depth at a single genera: 'Crocus' by Brian Mathew and 'Narcissus' by John W Blanchard. Although they have both been around for some time they still offer the best information available in book form on Crocus and Narcissus.

Sun rising on bulb house

The snow arrived this week and turned the garden into a winter wonderland - it is not due to last for long as the forecasters tell us that rain is on the way.

Snow scene

It does make the garden look pretty with all the branches and shrubs hanging with snow and it is a good time to stay in doors and catch up on reading the books , Journals, seed lists and sorting out this years slides and digital images. I will be back next year !

Overhead view.

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