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19th November 2003

We are back from a lovely trip to Dublin and the Irish Termonfechin weekend. Everyone was so friendly and we had a great time meeting many of you who drop into the Bulb Log on a regular basis.

Crocus boryi.

Not many genera of bulbs give such a long period of flowers as Crocus - they start in August and go almost all through the winter until April or May. Another form of Crocus boryi has come out while we were away, one of the characteristics of this species is the white pollen.

Crocus goulimyi.

Crocus goulimyi. is also in flower this time in both an open plunge and the garden. You will notice that the leaves of both these species are present when they are in flower.

Narcissus Nov 18.

As I mentioned before we are having a record early flowering of the dwarf narcissus many are now coming into bloom like Narcissus 'Camoro'. We have had this plant to a show in March in previous years which just shows how different climatic conditions can effect the time when these flowers will bloom by a very wide margin. Always the first Narcissus to flower for us is N. romieuxii 'mesatlanticus' which is often confused with Henry and Margaret Taylor's cross N. 'Camoro'- I will try to point out the main difference.

N. romieuxii mesatlanticus & 'Camoro' 1.

On the left is 'mesatlanticus' and on the right 'Camoro' the differences are subtle but 'Camoro' is a purer white and the green markings on the tepals are more defined, this is better seen in the next picture.

N. romieuxii mesatlanticus & 'Camoro' 2

Again 'mesatlanticus' is on the left and 'Camoro' is on the right.

Narcisssus buds

Not only is it going to be an early flowering year but as I predicted, in the very warm summer we had this year, we are going to have a very good show in the number of flowers as you can see from all the buds in this pot of N. romieuxii JCA 805.

Tulipa saxatilis.

Many of you are also finding that your tulips are appearing very early this year. We do not grow very many of these but one of those that we do grow, Tulipa saxatilis, is well into leaf now. We always expect the leaves of Narcissus bulbicodium to be up at this time of year. If anything they may be slightly late this year and this is due to the dry summer we have had. If we have a (normal) wet summer the new leaves can start to appear before the old leaves have died back completely.

Narcissus bulbicodium Nov03

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