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The Rock Garden
Our twice yearly journal is one of the world's best publications for rock gardeners. Interesting, informative and illustrated in colour, it contains articles on all aspects of rock gardening and propagation of alpines: construction of rock gardens; plant portraits; and plants in the wild. It is written for both experts and beginners and aims to mirror the wide ranges of interests and skills of our members.

Please follow these links for selected Journal extracts.

New Flowers In The N.W. Himalaya by Margaret and Henry Taylor - Rock Garden January 1998
In the high valleys of Georgia by Michael J B Almond - Rock Garden June 2001
Bulbs From Seed by Ian Young - Rock Garden January 2002

Issued twice per year to members, the 126 colour pages of The Rock Garden partner the online activities of the club. The journal is the usual mix of events, prizes, recollections, plant-hunting expeditions, hernia-inducing rock movements, perfect show plants, and book reviews. Its pages always aim to show the month to month activities of members and for many people these culminate in the definitive exhibits at our regular shows. Thanks to the effort of show secretaries and photographers, there are accounts of recent shows at Perth, Edinburgh and the Stirling Show at Dunblane.

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