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by Ian Young

Narcissus triandrus is not only a beautiful species it also makes a very good parent.
It is however very promiscuous and will hybridise with any practically any other
Narcissus in the vicinity. I find this very desirable as it produces some of the most
beautiful and sought after hybrids I know.

Ever since I saw the picture of N.munozii-garmandiae in John Blanchards book I was
desperate to get hold of this naturally occurring hybrid between N.triandrus and N.cantabricus.
After some time with no success I decided to make the cross myself, after all we had both the
parents. We have made the cross a few times now using different forms of N.cantabricus but
all the offspring are almost identical to those pictured in the book. The name Narcissus x susannae
is now applied to all offspring of this cross.

Narcissus triandrus also crosses freely with N. bulbicodium and we illustrate one here that looks
very similar to plants that Margaret and Henry Taylor have seen in Spain.

N.triandrus x watieri flowered for the first time in 1999 when two of the nine bulbs flowered
it has some of the qualities of each of the parents.

N. x incurvicervicus is another naturally occurring hybrid between N.triandrus and N.fernandesii
and is intermediate between its parents.

If you too fell under the spell of these dwarf Narcissus hybrids the only way you are likely to get
them is get the parents and a paint brush and do it yourself.


N. x incurvicervicus


A bulbicodium hybrid


N. x susannae (own hybrid)


N. triandrus


N. triandrus x watieri

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